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Black Orchid – Indica Strain


4.67 out of 5
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29.7% THC

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Black Orchid

Black  Orchid Strain densely resinous flower and high THC levels are the trademark of this powerhouse Indica.

Firstly lineage is a cross between Gelato and WB’s 1996 cut of OG Kush. Aromas of sweet citrus candy and fresh flowers are lightly hinted by earthy pine and a hint of gas.

Secondly the deep body high is long lasting and perfect for those looking to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, nausea and acute pain.

Wonderbrett is a California based boutique small batch grower. He has been around a for while and offers some real deal flowers with very unique powerful terpene profiles.

I have reviewed them once before on this blog and will link The Beyond Blueberry review below. In addition to their Beyond Blueberry, I also tried the strawberry bliss which I enjoyed a lot.

So let’s get right to it. The genetics of Black Orchid Strain by Wonderbrett are a cross of Gelato and Wonderbrett’s cut of 1996’s OG Kush.

I would say this a common strain right now being grown and rebranded by a lot of people. I would also say what makes Wonderbrett’s unique is the quality and exceptional terpene profile.

With such an outstanding terpene profile, the nose is really where this flower shines. The aroma is a complex mix of piney, sweet and spicy almost root beer like scents complemented by delicate earthy citrus black licorice notes.

The inhale maintains the complex theme of the aroma but takes it in another direction going more peppery, spicy and floral.

The exhale tends to flatten somewhat in the beginning taking a herbal and earthy direction with light notes of pine. Next there is a very pleasant lingering sweet and spicy almost root beer like flavor profile for a good period of time after the exhale.

I saw some slight expansion on the hits and my first couple bong hits had me coughing.

The high is heavy and fast acting. A great flower for nighttime use to help with insomnia or assist with pain relief.

Also so was it worth the money and would I buy it again? Yes. Every Wonderbrett strain I have tried had a stand out terpene profile that most growers strive for. If you have not checked them out by now, you should.

I am seeing Wonderbrett at dispensaries all over from San Diego to Berkeley priced anywhere from $45 to $50 an eighth.

7grams premium flower+1gram live resin

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3 reviews for Black Orchid – Indica Strain

  1. 4.67 out of 5


    I personally would advise all interested shoppers to go for this I got this last month and it was fire…I really enjoyed every snake with it thanks rainbow. Definitely coming for more

  2. 4.67 out of 5


    Fantastic Dispensary. From Texas.

  3. 4.67 out of 5


    Great pre roll the best i have had. The glass tip is awesome. Will definitely be getting more..

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