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Buy Banana Zkittlez online cannabis is a new strain from the seed company behind the famous Zkittlez strain.

Firstly the exaggerated banana flavours and aromas are sure to make this strain appeal to extraction artists.

Secondly expect a fusion of fruity banana tang like a fresh fruit salad, backed by the familiar Zkittlez power.

Thirdly Zkittlez is already certain of its place in any cannabis hall of fame, such is the impact that the strain’s.

Zkittles has an air of mystery about its origins –

Whatever that secret ingredient is, it has guided Zkittlez to numerous industry awards and propelled breeders.

Banana Zkittlez by Medical Seeds is a strain born from the objective of improving the delicious, famous Zkittlez strain

In certain aspects such as size and bud compacting while improving upon its aroma thanks to mature fruit tones incorporated by the Banana Punch used in the hybridization – very similar to banana.

The resulting strain is absolutely incredible, which is why Medical Seeds states that this is one of the most delicious strains in their catalogue and maybe one of the most delicious strains in the world of cannabis altogether.

This strain is incredibly special and you should definitely try and grow it at least once.

Banana Zkittlez Sweet Banana Cannabis

Growing Banana Zkittlez Indoors

When grown indoors, this strain is strong, east to grow and even easier to manage, however you’ll need to keep in mount that it can grow up to twice as tall once it flips to flower, so if you don’t want them to grow too big for your indoor grow room you might want to give them a short growth period-

If not, they may end up growing the same height as your grow lights, which could be disastrous. It has a open, airy structure thanks to tis average-large internodes.

With just a little extra care with about 9-12 plants per m2, you can easily harvest over 400g/m2 of dense, pungent cannabis –

You’ll definitely need to use a carbon filter with this strain when growing indoors.

Growing Banana Zkittlez Outdoors

Outdoors this strain does well with pretty much any climate, although the best results and most compact, resinous

These aromatic flowers can be grown in mild climates with low relative humidity.

You’ll also need to use organic nutrients accompanied by a large variety of beneficial fungi and microorganisms so that your plants absorb nutrients much faster.

When grown in the ground and given these parameters towards the start of the growing phase outdoors,

They can grow to over 2m tall with a decent diameter, which gives them enough space to produce over 400-500g per plant.

It should be ready to harvest towards the start of October, although some phenotypes should be ready to harvest towards mid-October.

So you’ll need to take extra care with rain and humidity.

Banana Zkittlez Flavor and Effect

Banana Zkittlez produces an intense aroma and flavor, with all of the same tones that made Zkittlez as famous as it is.

Its effect is intense, as this strain can produce over 20% THC, making it quite psychoactive.

Thanks to its indica-dominant side, it’s a perfectly balanced effect that start off with intense mental stimulation.

Buy Banana zkittles online

  • Sativa/Indica: 40/60%
  • Flowering: 65 days indoors, beginning of October outdoors
  • Height: 0.6-1.3m indoors, 1.5-2.5m


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