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Buy Face On Fire Strain Online is an Indica dominant hybrid that is regarded by many to be the most powerful OG Kush strain on the planet. While its not recommended for inexperienced users, most users in general stick to very low doses (1 to 2 hits).

Most users feel instant cerebral stimulation both jump starting creative juices and creating waves of euphoria. With this comes a very potent and relaxing body high that often puts those with lower tolerances to the couch or to bed.

Depending on a user’s tolerance the effects of this strain can last up to three hours. The citrus, piney and fuel taste brings on cotton mouth and dry eyes. Some users may also experience paranoia, dizziness or anxiety.

Fire OG Kush comes from the breeder Raskals OG Kush and is reportedly a cross between the original OG Kush and San Fernado Valley OG Kush. It flowers between nine and ten weeks to a respectable sized yield. This can contain THC percentages in the high 20’s CBD count is closer to that of an average strain with percentages sitting around 0.35 to 0.40%. True Fire OG Kush is available only in clone form.

Medical Advantages of the Face On Fire Strain

This potent cannabis strain has a well-deserved reputation in the medical industry for its many benefits. White Fire OG weed can also aid consumers suffering from appetite loss and nausea. People also suffering from glaucoma noticed relief from this effective flower.

Since the effects of this strain are almost equally cerebral as they are body. This is also a great choice for people managing pain throughout a hectic day. Your mind will be sharp, but your body will be at ease while this superb sativa works its magic. Not only will it aid your busy week but take advantage of this stimulating strain by expressing your creative side too. Pick up a guitar or a paintbrush with this in your system and you may find yourself hit with a spark of inspiration.

Possible Side Effects Medical Advantages 

The most commonly associated side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes, however, making sure you are well hydrated. Before consuming is a simple way to avoid this issue. A small percentage of people also reported feelings of anxiety and dizziness. This is common among high potency strains, however this could be due to a consumer having a low tolerance. This is top shelf bud, and a preferred recommendation for elite users, but if this is the one for you. Take your time with this strain because it can definitely sneak up on you.

Buy face on Fire strain Online

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