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Skittles Strawberry


Skittles Strawberry 400mg

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Skittles Strawberry 400mg

Buy Skittles Strawberry Edibles Online

Firstly Buy Medicated Skittles 400mg THC Edible
Secondly Buy Medicated Skittles 400mg THC edibles online! Fruit-flavored candy dipped in premium cannabis. Try the best tasting candy and feel good with medicated Skittles. Available in Original, Wild Berry, Seatle Mix, and Zombie flavors.

However Everyone’s favorite stoniest medicated treat is perfect for all occasions whether its a wedding, cocktail party, dinner party, business dinner, hanging out with friends for a BBQ or movie night.

How Many Medicated Skittles Candy Should You Eat?
The recommended dosage is to start off with two skittles and gradually work your way up after an hour to see how you feel.

Moreover Everyone is different and people have different tolerance levels that differ from you.

Also Start slow and work your way from there. With this in mind, infused Skittles do work and hit hard once the THC enters your bloodstream.

In fact, it’s very easy to lose sight of time as you munch away on a handful of delicious Skittles.

Real Skittles Edibles
Approx. (20) Pieces Per Bag
Original Flavor
Wild Berry Flavor
Zombie Flavor
Seattle Mix Flavor
400mg THC Per Skittles Package
20mg THC Per Piece


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