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Pacific Stone Wedding Cake


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Buy wedding cake online wedding cake strain 1gram full spectrum vaporizer The Wedding Cake 1 gram All-In-One Full Spectrum Vaporizer contains a full gram of cured resin.

Firstly Cured resin develops the most complex and matured flavors that accurately reflect the real experience of smoking our premium

cured Wedding Cake flower.

Full spectrum extracts are derived from a single source strain.

Also this product is CANNABIS ONLY – no additives, modifiers, flavors or non-cannabis “botanical” terpenes.

These disposable vaporizers come charged and ready to use!

Finally While not necessary, they can also be recharged as desired with a standard micro usb to ensure that you will always have sufficient battery power for the strength of the draws you prefer and for the entire duration of the 1 full gram of cured resin inside.

The wedding cake strain is one of the newest hybrids on the market.

It is very sweet in flavor with an earthy-fruity aroma.

This hybrid is Indica dominant and helps with increasing appetite, treating anxiety, and depression.

This weed strain has retained its looks and high THC levels from its Sativa lineage.

The smooth yet sweet smoke of this cannabis strain may act as a sedative but will not completely drain your energy levels or make you couch-locked and will let you keep your focus.

These fruity buds look like pine trees with thick orange hairs.

Also It is one of the nicer smokes for the daytime, great for a smoke break without making returning to work an issue.

Give it a try today and you too can enjoy one of our favorites here at Clean Green!


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