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Chocolate Bar – 100mg


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Chocolate Bar edibles

Firstly Chocolate Bar Edibles Each dark chocolate bar contains 100 mg of THC, sectioned into 5 mg pieces for easy dosing.

Secondly These THC-only chocolate bars may help you experience relief with potent expected psychoactive effects.

About this product

Indulge in this artisanal Classic Dark CBD Chocolate Bar. With 73% cacao and sweetened with a touch of organic coconut sugar, it is an incredibly smooth & guilt-free way to indulge in your daily dose of vitality! 

1.7oz Bar | 10mg CBD per Serving | 100mg Total CBD per Bar Ingredients: Organic fair-trade cacao paste, organic fair-trade.

organic coconut sugar, organically grown hemp-derived CBD, organic vanilla bean, sea salt. Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing tree nuts.

Description of Chocolate Bar edibles

Indulge in this artisanal Roasted Oregon Hazelnut & Alder-Smoked Sea Salt CBD Dark Chocolate Bar. An ode to our home state of Oregon, and the perfect snack to take with you into the outdoors! Also this hearty bar is a sweet, smoky, & salty hazelnutty treat, made with 73% cacao, a touch of organic coconut sugar, and topped with lightly roasted hazelnut chunks and a delicate sprinkle of alder smoked sea salt.

However It’s an incredibly tasty & guilt-free way to indulge in your daily dose of vitality!

RBC dispensary ethically sources only the finest organic, fair-trade, and regeneratively grown cacao on the planet to ensure.

That we are maximizing the healing potential of our chocolate bars while simultaneously stewarding positive change in the environment.

1.7oz Bar | 10 Servings | 10mg CBD per Serving | 100mg Total CBD per Bar INGREDIENTS: Organic Fair-Trade Cacao Paste.

Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Hazelnuts, Organically Grown Hemp-Derived CBD, Alder Smoked Sea Salt *Allergy Information: Contains Tree Nuts.

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