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Golden Goat Strain

Golden Goat Strain was created by accident in Topeka, Kansas, when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk.  Its full-body effects provide a delightful rush of euphoria and creative spark. Golden Goat’s flowering time is 9 to 11 weeks, with a golden appearance closer to harvest.

About Golden Goat

A sativa-dominant hybrid with a distinctive color and odor, Golden Goat was created largely by chance. Unidentified breeders in Topeka, Kansas — an area not usually thought of as a cannabis hot spot — found that a male plant of hybrid Hawaiian/Romulan had fertilized a female plant of sativa Island Sweet Skunk.  Golden Goat has 1% of pain-relieving CBD in its genes, as well as THC composition that averages about 16% but can test as high as 23%.

Golden Goat has dense and medium-sized buds that have a solidly indica appearance, with heavy and tightly-packed leaves.

When grown and cured properly, buds are very sticky and when handled will leave behind a good amount of residue.

Adding to Golden Goat’s bag appeal is a strong and complex scent.

The initial impression is fruity and tropical, as is typical of Hawaiian landrace-descended strains like Mango.

This citrus profile exists alongside a more sour tinge, likely the result of the Island Sweet Skunk parent strain.

To round this all out, buds can smell spicy and earthy when burned.

All of these notes come together in a strong and acrid smoke that can sting the eyes and tickle the throat, causing users to cough.

This is an especially pungent variety, so smokers looking to maintain discretion should plan accordingly.

Golden Goat has a high that creeps up gradually instead of hitting users right away.

It begins as a buzzy sativa-like high marked by altered perception; users may sense a magnification of their surroundings with sharper sounds and enhanced colors.

In a short amount of time, though, this sensory distortion mellows out into physical relaxation.

More About Golden Goat Strain

Users feel a kind of calm radiating from the neck down through the limbs, which allows for a grounding that stops the sativa side of the high from becoming too disorienting.

Although relaxing, the body stone from Golden Goat isn’t so heavy that it will induce couchlock.

Smokers can still be as mobile as they’d like, making this a great strain for daytime or nighttime use.

Golden Goat has some medical benefits as well, conferred by small amounts of the cannabinoid CBD as well as by the sedative indica effects.

The simultaneous feelings of emotional uplift and physical relaxation can be helpful in regulating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, or even PTSD.

Its mildly painkilling effects can also be useful for relieving chronic aches and pains.

Finally, if consumed in large enough doses, Golden Goat can provide the full sedative effects necessary to put users into a restful sleep, thus tempering the difficult symptoms of insomnia.


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