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PAX pods

Back before the Juul was a meme or status symbol or sign of impending doom, it was just a new nicotine-based product from people known for weed. Juul was born out of the same minds as Pax, the most stylish weed flower vape around. Now Juul is a threat to lungs and Big Tobacco while Pax  Pods is still focused on delivering weed in as stylish and small a body as possible. Last year it launched the Pax Era, a very nice little cartridge-based weed vape with a few deeply annoying flaws. The new Pax Era Pro improves on the Era in a lot of very welcome ways.

The Pax Era Pro, like the Pax Era, is a vape pen. You buy ready-made cartridges filled with cannabis-infused oil and plug them into the vape. Sucking on the pen creates big weed clouds. Pax isn’t the only company producing weed pens. Stiizy and Grenco are increasingly popular competitors who, like Pax, produce proprietary cartridges than only work in their respective pens and curate what weed goes in those pens.

But most people are probably familiar with the much more popular 510 thread pens and cartridges. These pens can work with either nicotine or weed cartridges and are the most common culprits for vape related injuries. Cheap pens can explode, while poorly (and often illegally) manufactured weed 510 thread cartridges are believed to be behind the epidemic of vape related illnesses in the U.S.

Pax and Grenco and Stiizy are all trying to avoid the bad press and reputation other pens have earned by offering more quality control. Oil-making companies have to use these vape pen companies’ cartridges if they want their oil to atomize in the vapes. Pax even claims to test each cartridge to ensure it’s safe to use.

This testing has been part of Pax’s promise since the Era, however, ahead of the Era Pro’s release earlier this year, Pax began seeding new cartridges into the marketplace. Marked with a red ring, these cartridges have NFC built in and can provide even more information. The NFC chip works remarkably well with the new app. Apple axed all vape apps late last year, so the app only works on Android currently. A Pax representative told me a web app is already in the works.

Then you pair the vape pen with your phone via Bluetooth. Immediately the app populates with the brand and strain of cannabis in the cartridge. It also gives you details about the cartridge, like how much THC and CBD are in it, what sensations you can expect, and what temperature the company thinks is ideal for smoking.

It also includes test results performed by Pax in partnership with the cartridge maker. This, in theory, would make it easier to track down a bad batch of cartridges or potentially even warn users if they’d purchased a bad pod.

A few people I showed it to felt heartened by the little column of green numbers, but I didn’t feel.

It would be a much more useful feature if plugging in a known bad cartridge would give some kind of.

Still, the information about the pods themselves is useful.

I also appreciate that the app lets me set a specific temperature for each NFC-equipped pod and the Pax.

The app is largely what differentiates the $70 Pax Era Pro from other pens.

But the original $30 Era also works with the app and allows you to customize temperatures.

So why drop more than twice as much just to enjoy a wider range of pen colors and some NFC?

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