Sour Grape Strain

Sour Grape Strain

Get ready to pucker up, because this strain truly tastes like sour grape Strain.

A pungent cross between Sour Diesel and Granddaddy Purple, Sour Grape has a very sour, fuel-like scent with fruity aftertones.

Introspective and relaxing, this strain is great for winding down with a cup of tea or a low-key evening.

Sour Grape walks the fine line between energizing and calming, relaxing the muscles while avoiding strong sedative effects.

This strain works well for consumers suffering from stress and muscle tension. It’s different from the craft strain “Sour Grapes,” so remember to ask your budtender which one they carry.

Sour Grape, also known as “Sour Grapes,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Sour Diesel X Grape Ape strains.

Like its name suggests, this bud has a delicious mouth-watering flavor of sweet yet sour grapes.

The aroma adds a hint of earth and spicy pungency to the zesty grape flavor, bringing in a rich sense.

Sour Grape buds actually look like grapes, with thick round dark olive green nugs with purple undertones and tiny amber.

The Sour Grape high is one that is perfect for kicking back during a lazy afternoon with friends when you don’t need to get a lot done but you still need to be social.

The high starts with a euphoric lift that leaves you completely happy although utterly calm in both mind and body.

This sense of calm will slowly take a tingly turn, leaving you feeling buzzy and slightly energized.

These effects lend themselves to conversation with friends, bringing a talkative sense and a widened perspective.

With these effects and its moderate 10-18% THC level and 2% CBD level, Sour Grape is perfect for treating chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and stress.